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Snow is melting - the phone is ringing.

What is customer service?

A little sad I even have to write about it, but it seems these days that homeowners are thrilled just to get a returned phone call. How times have changed.

Not only will we give you get a call back, but we'll come and do a detailed quote for you that actually explains the process required to complete your project along with a breakdown of the cost associated.

During the project, you might change your mind and want to use a different material or change the design.

This is not a problem.

As we like to say -

We get to build it and leave - you get to look at it for many years and so we want you to see something you love!!

Quite often changes can be made without additional cost, but if there, we'll inform you straight away and not surprise with a shocking invoice at the end of the project. That way. you get to choose your preferred path. No pun intended :)

Communication and trust! This is how we like to work and we hope you do too!

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